Our Team of Medical Experts

Virtual House Calls Take You Beyond Feeling Better

Improving patients’ health one personalized visit at a time. That’s how it was done “back in the day” when doctors made house calls. Now -- as in present day -- HerpesHappens has brought unique, individualized care back, but with some MAJOR improvements.


HerpesHappens and our board-certified physicians are the new face of healthcare and we go beyond just making you feel better.  

We put a team of board certified physicians at your “fingertips.” Our confidential HIPAA compliant website connects you with doctors instantly whenever you want or wherever you are. Around the clock online access to real doctors who make “virtual house calls” empowers you to take control of your health.

Driven by decades of experience and deep compassion for patients, HerpesHappens doctors believe quality healthcare should be within everyone’s reach, regardless of their circumstances.


Although each member of the HerpesHappens team of board-certified physicians brings a unique medical specialty, they share a lot in common. They dedicate their life’s work to treating and caring for patients and many offer volunteer medical services in their community and around the world.

Contributions of HerpesHappens  doctors include...

Delivering healthcare diagnosis and treatments that truly create long-lasting impactful results in each patient’s life motivates them professionally and personally. HerpesHappens doctors treat you as an individual, according to your unique situation.  “Feeling better” often means just being able to get out of bed in the morning or “make it through the the day,” but you deserve more!

Count on our team of board-certified physicians to provide personalized care that considers the details that make you unique. Get an expert medical diagnosis and treatment plan fast and easily. Our physicians use a holistic approach that’s backed by trusted medical protocol - just without the hassle and unnecessary expenses.


Your case will be reviewed in-depth for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. But don’t worry “in-depth” does not mean time-consuming and complicated. Our dynamic on-boarding medical assessment makes providing key information easy and confidential. After completing your consult, your doctor may send a confidential message to ask more questions. You can also proactively communicate with your doctor through our secure messaging system.

Details Impacting Your Unique Heath

  • Do you have other health conditions, allergies or medicine sensitivities?

  • What is your family medical history?

  • Are you dealing with personal issues such as family or work stress?

  • Are environmental factors such as bad air quality or second-hand smoke making you sick?

When and if any of the above apply, HerpesHappens doctors take the extra step. They may request additional medical records, research your area to make a referral if an in-person visit is necessary, or advise you to visit a lab and then analyze the results. Our doctors follow up with you and some are even available for video consults.  

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