Winter Causes Cold Sore Outbreaks, Here's How to Avoid Them

January 20, 2018

Cold sores are a leading cause of spreading the herpes infection. While cold sores can occur any time of year, they are prone to surface during the winter season.


Prevention is key; there is no herpes cure, it lives with you for life. According to Johns Hopkins, up to 80% of adults have oral herpes (cold sores), and transmission rates are high if you come in contact with active sores.


At this point, you're probably wondering "what do I do!?". You can't avoid people, you certainly can't cure herpes, and household remedies only help ease the outbreak. The answer; have prescription medication like Valtrex or Valacyclovir (generic Valtrex) on hand for when you feel the tingle of an outbreak starting


What Causes Cold Sore Outbreaks During The Winter?

Current herpes research has three leading causes as to why cold weather can cause more frequent and severe outbreaks.

Before we delve into the precautionary measures to avoid cold sores, let's identify how cold sore outbreaks occur during the winter season.

  • The first cause: Exposure to cold breeze dries and cracks up your lips increasing the vulnerability of the virus to enter your body, and the ability for an outbreak to occur.

  • The second cause: Sitting for long hours inside heated environments. Dry, hot air from heaters significantly encourages the spread of the virus and encourages cold sore outbreaks.

  • The third cause: Low immune defense in the body. Vitamin D deficiency (lack of sunlight), poor nutrition and salty foods, and lack of exercise drastically increases chances of an outbreak.

Herpes can lay dormant for years and cold, dry weather can be a catalyst to causing outbreaks to surface. Winter months allow the body to become more susceptible to catching the virus and spreading it.


How Can I Avoid Them All Together?

Remember, there is no cure for herpes, but there are ways to prevent future outbreaks and be cold sore free for good!


The easiest, fastest, and most aggressive way is to have prescription anti-viral medication on hand. At first sign of a tingle, which almost everyone gets before a cold sore surfaces, you can start suppressing the virus by taking the doctor recommended amount. This will almost always stop an outbreak dead in its tracks and prevent the outbreak from going any further. will treat you online fast, secure and discreetly with real doctors and real prescription medication shipped to your door. We set up treatment plans that makes since for you, all from the convenience of your phone or computer. Monthly subscription plan can help guarantee you have the medication you need on hand, at the least cost possible, and can cancel anytime. Single consults are also available as well.


No waiting for a doctor, no co pays, no pharmacy lines, and no need to take a day off work. We ship medication fast and conveniently, so you can rest assured you will have the anti-viral medication needed to be outbreak free!


In addition to anti-viral medication, these tips can help you avoid cold sore outbreaks and also reduce your risk of infection and transmission .


Avoid direct contact with people you think are most likely to be infected. Cold sores are usually observable so keep your distance.

Minimize the consumption of foods rich with arginine such as grain, oats, chocolate, and nuts. Arginine is believed to be a lead trigger for causing more frequent outbreaks on the body.

Eat more fruits and vegetables rich with vitamin C, E, and l-lysine. Olive leaves, prune berries and garlic can also be powerful in deterring outbreaks. These supplements will not only boost your immune system, but it will also help your body combat the infection.


You Deserve Quality Treatment! We Care.

Don’t let crummy weather conditions bring harsh cold sores along with it! By taking the measures above, chances of infection and/or having an outbreak will be significantly reduced. Remember, prescription anti-viral medication is the ONLY way to actually fully prevent outbreaks.

HerpesHappens.Org has a mission to ensure life doesn’t get road blocked by the Herpes virus. We understand your needs, and are removing the stigma associated with the virus. Its out priority to provide fast, discreet, secure, and exemplary care for those with HSV1/HSV2 and provide an avenue to get treated in under 5 minutes with just three easy steps!

Happy winter living, and visit HerpesHappens.Org for more information on getting treated today!

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Winter Causes Cold Sore Outbreaks, Here's How to Avoid Them

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