5 Genital Herpes Home Treatments

December 1, 2017


As fellow sufferers, we have been there and we all know the discomfort of having this common and widely misunderstood virus. While, flus and sores can be cured using a mix of medicines, herpes may prove a bit more challenging.  Think annoying neighbor who you just can’t seem to avoid or get rid of!  Medical science acknowledges that more than 8 different types of herpes viruses exist.


Herpes is, after all, a skin condition.  But that does not ease the discomfort of someone dealing with an outbreak.  A genital herpes outbreak can be quite uncomfortable because human genitals are, quite frankly, a delicate part of the body.


About Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes are classified as Type II (HSV - 2) simplex virus that cause sores on your genitals and is transmitted from one person to another through physical contact. What’s worse is that they can spread if you have cold sores on hand and you scratch your private parts without taking any precautionary measures. They can also be transmitted through saliva.  


Genital herpes are not usually painful unless stimulated. They may blister and bleed during an outbreak which makes them a cumbersome nuisance for most people. Nonetheless, herpes is still a virus which may or may not be painful, might cause rare or frequent outbreaks, and needs to be managed properly.  We may be too shy to speak out about these germinating bores publicly, but we can sure do a lot to keep it under control. Here are my five quick tips and tricks on how you can heal the pain away in the comfort of your home. 


Top 5 Best Home Treatments to Cure Genital Herpes Discomfort


Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salt has many healing properties. It not only helps revitalize your skin, but it also helps suppress sores on your body. If you have genital herpes, prepare a warm bath for yourself in a bathtub and add approximately a half cup of Epsom salt to the bath. Soak your body and let all those toxins flow out of your system. A 15 minute bath will help alleviate symptoms and speed the healing process.


Apply Aloe Vera to Skin

Widely accepted around the world, Aloe Vera is possibly one of the most renowned medicinal plants which dates back to 1750 B.C. This plant is abundantly utilized for its skin healing capabilities. Applying aloe vera gel to your genital herpes will not only ease the itch and burn, but it will also provide a soothing and cooling effect to the infected skin. All you have to do is apply it and let it dry.   


Apply Antiviral Herbs and Balms

The use of herbs initiated among the Chinese dynasties, and today is widely accepted because of their everlasting benefits. In cases such as the genital herpes, the use of antiviral herbs such as the elderberry, echinacea, garlic, calendula, licorice root and astragalus can be of significant help. You can also apply lemon balm extract as it is well known for its healing benefits.


Carefully Plan Your Diet

Every possible happening within your body directly relates to what you put into your body.  An immune boosting diet may reduce your number of herpes outbreaks.  Make sure that you add fiber into your dietary plan to help avoid constipation. Constipation can result in creating excessive heat which may ultimately affect your herpes. Drink prune juice, eat foods rich in L-lysine, take green leafy vegetables and fruits and increase zinc consumption. All these will not only help avoid constipation but may also prevent herpes from spreading any further on your skin and quicken your healing time.


Apply Ice to Affected Area

Last but not the least; ice can keep things cool for you. In cases where a herpes outbreak causes excessive itching and burning, the best and quickest way to soothe irritation is applying cold ice packs to the affected area. It will not only provide a cooling effect, but also suppress the herpes to a considerable extent. Apply ice at an interval of 10-15 minutes, as prolonged application can lead to serious tissue damage.


Genital herpes can be painful. The initial episode starts within a few weeks of exposure and if not properly treated, it can turn into a nightmare. Sometimes, the effects are mild; yet, it is important that you should take precautionary measures beforehand. These remedies are my five favorite picks on how one can gain genital herpes relieve at home.


To avoid future outbreaks, I of course recommend getting treated at www.HerpesHappens.org


They are real doctors who can treat you with real, prescription medication which can reduce or altogether remove future outbreaks.


Do you have a home remedy as well? Please, feel free to share it with us and help others!









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