What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the application of telecommunications technology for medical analysis and patient care. This growing technology in healthcare expands patients’ options and increases their access to licensed physicians. "Virtual house calls," through TellaDermMD*, our HIPAA compliant portal, ensures privacy, faster treatment and reduces healthcare costs for patients, doctors and insurance companies.
*HerpesHappens is a division of TellaDermMD.com.

What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

Telemedicine has the power to overcome geographical barriers to healthcare access, and makes the entire healthcare delivery model more convenient to patients. Before telemedicine, patients' medical records were shared through mail delivery or patients had to obtain physical copies of their records and bring them to doctor's offices. The process delayed or even prevented treatment. Overall, telemedicine significantly reduces healthcare service costs for the patients, doctors as well as for the insurance companies. In turn it also drives up the practice efficiency and total revenue generated.

With telemedicine technology, hospitals gain instant access to licensed doctors, and a primary care doctor can easily consult with medical specialists on a patient with rare diseases no matter their location. It expands emergency, preventative and routine medical care to people in remote areas like ships, airplanes, severe climate zones and difficult or dangerous terrains. Populations in the Antarctic, mountainous areas and battlefields have received medical care through online doctors. Elderly patients and prisoners whose mobility might prove risky can now receive quality medical diagnosis and treatment.

About HerpesHappens 

HerpesHappens is a division of TellaDermMD.com, which provides patients access to board certified physicians and dermatologists.  Through our private, easy to use and HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform HerpesHappens doctors quickly and efficiently exchange information, discuss patient issues and collaborate to provide prescriptions online. Doctor-Patient follow up is convenient and increases patient compliance with their prescribed medical treatment plan.

Patients can face healthcare issues promptly with real-time urgent medical consultations and learn about treatment options instantly. Timely treatment eliminates travel time and long waits for in-office appointments. For many patients, the affordability and accessibility of healthcare diagnosis and treatment through HerpesHappens can make the difference between receiving care and not receiving care.

Telemedicine works best for patients seeking basic care and preventative care. It also plays a vital role in early diagnosis and helps the online doctor decide whether in-person follow-up is required. It is a fact, that early diagnosis can significantly improve patient outcome, reduce costs and even save lives. 


Patients can also log in and forward information, inspect their files, and request appointments at any time of the day or night and not just during specified receptionist hours. Through HerpesHappens and TellaDermMD, patients can access their file in a secure account and update it whenever they want and even whereever they are at the moment.